Rose & Lavender Hydrating Mask - 80 ml

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SUNDÃRI Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask is an intensely hydrating mask with Montmorillonite clay that has purifying properties, rejuvenating Rose Oil that helps to restore softness as it soothes sensitive skin and Lavender Flower Water, a byproduct of steam distillation, to soothe and calm the skin. Shea Butter derived from the Karite Tree provides intensive skin nourishment and Algae Extract, blue green algae enriched with vitamins and minerals from the sea, provides firming and moisturizing properties. 

Unlike most clay masks, SUNDÃRI Rose and Lavender Hydrating feels creamy and does not dry hard. A little goes a long way as only a teaspoon is enough for the entire face and the mask washes off easily. Do not use if you are allergic to clay.

• An intensely moisturizing creamy Montmorillonite clay mask infused with Rose oil and Lavender Flower Water to soothe dry, inflamed skin.
• Results in refreshed, clean skin that has a radiant glow.
• Contains creamy clay rich in minerals used for its purifying properties.
• Formulated for Dry and Normal/Combination skin. 
• Paraben free. 
• Tube with flip-top cap for ease of use
• Member of SUNDÃRI Nurturing Collection. 
• Made in USA. 
• Synthetic fragrance and dye free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist and allergy tested.