Comfrey Cleanser for Dry Skin - 180 ml

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Sundari's NEW Blood Orange Body lotion is sensually fragranced with a complex of essential oils. More intensely aromatic than the sweet orange, Blood Orange is energizing, refreshing and is balancing. While soothing and cooling it is quickly absorbed into the skin. No synthetic fragrances or dyes. Allergy tested. Dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types.

- Intensive skin moisturization 
- Increases elasticity and maintains hydration 
- Builds Collagen levels 
- Soothes irritated skin 
- Absorbs free-radicals
- Herbal Fact: Blood Orange

Blood oranges owe their distinctive appearance to a pigment called anthocyanin not typically found in citrus, but common in other red fruits and flowers. Not only is the inside of the orange darkly pigmented, but depending on the variety, the outside may feature dark washes of red. The exact reasons for the unusual inside color are unknown. However, it seems light, temperature and variety are important contributors.