One hour class, once a week = Tuesdays @ 6 pm

The class is open to all ages (you just need to have the ability to follow directions).


$7 per class/session - $28 for first four classes


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Atul Thakur has been teaching Yoga for the last 25 years. He learned Yoga, based on Kundalini Yoga, from a spiritually evolved Guru Yogi Amrit Desai. Over years as his Yoga knowledge deepened so has his yoga evolved. He has integrated physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in his Yoga sessions. His style of Yoga incorporates the ancient teaching of Rishi Patanjali (Originator of Yoga) into the pragmatic current world. Yoga is not just physical exercise; it removes blocks from our lives. The goal is to provide the maximum knowledge/energy in the shortest time.

Atul Thakur connects the physical postures with the pranayama. bringing spiritual stillness to his classes. Postures vary from standing to lying. The postures have varying levels of difficulty. Participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and bend as much as they can. In time, it has been observed that the participants have become flexible to do difficult postures with ease.

The class incorporates a few minutes of warm up, then various standing and lying down postures and pranayama ending with chakra balancing exercises and light meditation.