Senior Rides


SeniorRides is a HTS volunteer service to ensure our senior members of the community lead happier and healthier lives while they live at home. But they need viable transportation and that may have its challenges:

  • Family members may not live nearby or are sometimes unavailable.
  • Public transportation does not cater to individual attention and requires physical stamina. It may also not go to all places a Senior wishes to visit, such as the HTS.
  • Lyft/Cabs can be cost prohibitive on a fixed income.

Until self-driving cars arrive, HTS SeniorRides can help!

SeniorRides is our way of giving back to our community.  We match volunteer drivers with seniors needing a way to get around. We offer curb-to-curb for riders who are fairly agile, door-to-door for those who need assistance, and door-through-door, when Seniors request that the volunteer stay with them.

Who Qualifies for SeniorRides?

  • Seniors Age 65+
  • Senior needing rides to – Temple, Medical Offices, Stores, Pharmacy, Bank
Advance request is required. However, we will try and accommodate urgent needs.

    To request a SeniorRide, fill the form below:

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