Language Classes


Students will learn Hindi vowels and consonants, colors, numbers, animals, and a variety of words that will allow them to make basic sentences.





Hindi 201

Hindi 301





Hindi 401






Kannada 101






மழலை (Primary 101)

  • Learning of letters and numbers in Tamil
  • Learning the names of Fruits, Vegetables, Colors, Plants, Animals, Body parts, Directions, Tastes, Seasons, Shapes, etc.
  • Learning to speak Tamil words & sentences clearly
  • Tamil Rhymes

நிலை 201 (Level 201)


  • Learning to write all the combination of letters
  • Tamil language fundamentals, Aathi Choodi ( ஆத்தி சூடி )
  • Konrai Venthan ( கொன்றை வேந்தன் )
  • Tamil Rhymes
  • Further names of domestic animals, wild animals, vehicles, flowers
  • Matching the pictures to words


நிலை 301 (Level 301)

  • Learning nouns, verbs
  • More words and translating to English
  • Learning small sentence formations

நிலை 401 (Level 401)

  • Learning small sentence formations
  • Learning short stories and sonnets
  • Grammar foundation, Adverbs, Tenses etc.

More sentences, words and ancient literary sonnets like திருக்குறள் , பாசுரங்கள் 

  • நிலை 501 (Level 501)
  • Introduction to ancient literature
  • Translation from Tamil to English and vice versa
  • Learning to write small sentences with grammar in Tamil

Learning to read prose, poetry and other formats

நிலை 601 (Level 601)

  • Learning Tamil Grammar in an intermediate state.
  • Adverbs, Adjectives, Verb classes, Negative infinities, Conditional verbs, etc.
  • Simple and Compound sentence formations
  • Active and Passive voices

Interrogative sentences

நிலை 701 (Level 701)

  • Learning next level Grammar implied verbs / nouns, combination / compounding etc.
  • Prose reading and writing
  • Speech training
  • Non-detailed texts

நிலை 801 (Level 801)

  • Advanced and final stage of Tamil Grammar
  • Prose / Poetry reading, writing and translation
  • Non-detailed texts
  • Ancient and Modern literature


  • Alphabet recognition and writing*
  • Colors and shapes
  • Family relationships
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Body parts
  • Animals
  • Names of common fruits
  • Names of common vegetable
  • Number recognition
  • Small conversation words
  • Speaking small sentences
  • Numbers 1 to 10*




  • Reinforcing the skills learned in Marathi 101
  • Introduction to compound vowels and consonants *
  • Introduction to basic sentence construction and translation
  • Introduction to basic grammar tenses genders and (singular and plural) *
  • Introduction to antonyms and synonyms
  • Introduction to vocabulary *
  • Recite songs and poetry
  • Numbers 11-30


Reinforcing skills learned in Marathi 201
Master sentence construction and transition-written and verbal
Master compound consonants and compound vowels
Read and write short stories
Emphasize on conversational language

Language program Guidelines-

Items marked with * are essential elements
Every new student will be placed in the beginner language class
At least two examinations will be held during one academic year
The criteria to move up to the next level is …
Students must spend 2 years in the beginners class and
Must score at least 90% marks in the essential elements and
Score at least 50% in other elements





  • Introduction to vowels and writing/ reading basic words
  • Number up to 20
  • Days of the week
  • Colors
  • Seasons
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Body Parts
  • Names of birds and animals

General vocabulary building is done during every class. Introduction of 4 consonants with a vowel every week





This course follows the Sulabha Samskrtam textbook.

Review the vowels and start consonants which will take at least 2-3 classes

Students must be able to read and write them.

  • Consonants with vowels
  • Conjunct consonants
  • Mid-term

Customized lesson plan after mid-term based on student’s aptitude.


What will be taught:

  • Telugu Alphabets
  • Guninthaalu
  • Animal Names
  • Numbers in Telugu
  • Rhymes

Periodic quizzes on writing and letter recognition throughout the year. There will be homework assignment after every class.

Books and worksheets will be provided.

  • Refresh Level 101
  • All Guninthaalu
  • Read and write simple letter words
  • General vocabulary
  • Poems
  • Home work sheets will be given in each class
  • Refresh Level 201
  • Vathulu
  • Read and write words, sentences
  • Write their own names

Home work sheets will be given in each class