One hour class, once a week

Beginner: Classes will focus on steps that lead to advanced level, mudras, and postures.

Advanced: For students that have some prior dancing experience or have had Arangetram and would like to continue dancing for dance dramas or solo can learn new dance numbers.


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Smt. Swapna Suresh started learning Bharatanatyam (Thanjavur Style) at the age of 4 and continued her learning for 15 years. During the learning curve, Swapna performed numerous times and went on to win various commendations. Ms. Swapna has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Information Technology. However her heart has always followed her passion for Bharatanatyam which helped her accomplish her Master of Arts in Bharatanatyam under University of Madras. Ms.Swapna Suresh is also a professor at Lehigh University who teaches dance as a part of the course at the University.

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